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Dining at Melheim Resorts

Dine at our restaurants for a taste of authentic Sri Lankan food featuring tasty dishes that highlight the diversity and top quality of the country’s cuisine. Whether indulging in spicy curries, heavenly desserts or delicious, healthy dishes made from exceptional vegetables, our restaurants cater to everyone who wants to sample the island’s famed food.


Dining at Melheim Resort & Spa


The restaurant is named CLOUDS for a reason, perched as it is on the edge of the mountain and thus overlooking a green valley, almost literally among the clouds itself. The view is a complement to the delicious fusion meals that guests will be delighted to try.

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Dining at Melheim Kandy Villas

Treat yourself to Sri Lanka’s signature spicy cuisine as you overlook a green lawn and bite into your unique, flavoursome meal. The diversity of what we have on offer means that we will have something for everyone!

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Dining at Melheim Beach Kalpitiya

Watch the gentle waves of the sea as you have your morning tea, and listen to the sound of the briny waves crashing against the shore as you eat your sumptuous dinner. The combination of food, drink and the sea breeze is a gift to the senses, and gives you a well-rounded dining experience.

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Get in touch to secure a table and enjoy a delicious meal at one of our restaurants.