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A place where luxury and hospitality meet.

Stay with us and have a holiday you will cherish forever. Our accommodation options are quintessentially Sri Lankan, steeped in traditional culture and a keen appreciation of our resort’s natural surroundings while also endowed with modern conveniences that will make your stay a most comfortable one.

205kms 4hr 40mins

Melheim Resort and Spa


The Melheim boutique resort located in Haputale is rich in its natural surroundings, nestled among lush tea plantations and forests. Perched on the edge of a mountain, the resort invites exploration of the countryside right from your room’s windows and balcony.

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110kms 3hrs 10mins

Melheim Kandy Villas


Our Kandy property is a charming retreat combining an old world cultural aesthetic with a modern luxurious ambience. Enjoy a cup of hot tea as the sun rises over the mountains and go for a swim as the sky is painted lavender and crimson at dusk.

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118kms 2hrs 45mins

Melheim Beach Kalpitiya


Our Kalpitiya beachside boutique hotel is located in the ideal place for those who love the ocean as well as for adventurous water-sports enthusiasts. Guests can spend the day frolicking in the sea, or tackling some waves as they surf, or explore the diversity underwater by going diving.

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